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Independent designers based in Malaysia focusing on UX Design and Branding.
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It’s simple, we solve your design problems

Crafting seamless experiences that work is what we do best. We design digital products based on a profound understanding of your needs and your customers needs.

We can help in

User Experience Design (UX)

User experience

From UX research to the final wireframe design, we will be applying the best research methods and design principles for your design projects to achieve the best possible results.
User Interface Design (UI)

User interface
design & prototyping

We can help you in designing stunning user interfaces for your project and give you better insights on how your product will look like and how it works before even diving into the development phase.
Branding identity and logo design

Branding, identity
& logo design

We learn everything about you to create visual and physical deliverables that represent your brand. Helping you to create a set of values that you stand for to engage with everyone that interacts with your brand.
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Zai Hong

Head of Design

He manages an environment to work closely with clients and build meaningful relationships while creating effective design solutions for them.
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Abid Akmal

Head of UX Design

He has been in the forefront of user-centered design and has been managing various design projects from Creative websites to FinTech apps.

Our approach

We believe design is a process and a way of thinking. Through our well-thought-out process, we will do our best to deliver the best design solutions for you. We focus on solving real design problems with empathy.

Tell us your story

Regardless at which point you are in your business, tell us your challenges that you are facing. Worry not, because we will dive in together with you from the start of the project until the end.
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Setting the course

Before diving straight into digital work, we sit down and bounce thoughts and ideas amongst the team. Through scribbles and sketches, we gain better insights on the best and most suitable design solutions. We go through this process to ensure the ship sails in the right direction.
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Where the magic happens

This is where we cast our creativity and summon our expertise to craft digital illustrations of your product, usually in the form of wireframes, mockups, and functional prototypes.
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Endless trail

We will be there with you even after the design project has ended. The ultimate goal for DEZGN studio is always to ensure your product has the highest quality experiences for you and your customers.
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Our selected work


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More Is Less


Documenting Kuala (Coming Soon)

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Facebook Redesign

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Landmarks Line Art

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