How to brand a "Brand" when you start

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By Zai Hong

Creating a brand is a huge challenge for first-time business owners.

We can simply put it as the purpose of your business.

When the purpose is defined most of the challenges can be solved in a well thought out manner.

We get questions like;

"How do we define purpose when the only thing we want is to make money?"

Making money can’t be the core purpose of a business, it sets up a misguided mindset towards the longevity of a business.

If making money is the core of your business then milking every dollar out of your customers is your top priority.

Of course, I am not discarding the importance of money in running a business, because money is a tool to enable business success.

Let's ask a few questions leading to your purpose:

  • If you would like to offer one product what would it be and who is it for?

  • What inspired you to offer such a product?

  • What would you like to see happen more often in this space?

An example of thought out answer:

  • I would like to provide visual design services for business owners that need help in creating marketing materials. 

  • I got inspired by other people's work in creating amazing visuals for brands. Brands that communicate effectively using visual design with their customers.

  • I would like to see more brands communicate creatively with their customers so that it creates a more engaging community in the line of work we do.

Your Brand Purpose

We provide visual design services to business owners that need help with their marketing visuals. Empowering them to communicate effectively and engage with their community.

This is a quick exercise for new business owners to compartmentalize their thoughts. We believe that finding your brand purpose is an interactive process in a business. 

Brand purpose can evolve as businesses gain feedback from the market. As a business owner, it is wise to always keep your brand purpose close to the decisions you make. 

If your brand purpose clashes with your decision you can always have a realignment with your internal team and validate it with a professional.