The merge of UX and Branding.

UX and Branding Idea thumbnail photo

By Abid Akmal

The truth behind a good UX still remains a mystery. It is near impossible for any product to provide the perfect experiences for everyone. For the past 4 years, we learned that humans are attracted to things that are beautiful, fast, familiar, and simple.

This is where Branding comes into play. Truth be told, humans can easily get confused of what is UX and what is Branding. Let us put it in the simplest way possible.

UX or User Experience, is any kind of interaction that happens between a human and a product (literally any product that you can think of).
Branding, is a practice that makes your own product desirable and distinctive from other products.

The idea of combining UX and Branding brings balance for humans to feel wonderful and motivated while achieving seamless experience when using the product. Though, the process of realising this can be extremely complex.

Take Instagram for example. The app is used by millions of people. Generally, you might think that it is "fairly easy" to achieve such simplicity and performance. Well the answer is a solid NO. There are abundant of disciplines, strategies, practices, and resources that have been injected into Instagram.

If you have an idea about something. It is a must for you to start with a simple research. Validate the idea. You have to ensure that the idea is unique and at the same time, may potentially help humans to solve their problems. It may be difficult to come up with an idea that actually works as there are many products out there that can literally solve almost any problems. Maybe, innovation or enhancement to existing products may be the route you want to take.