Focused industries

We are obsessed with active and continuous learning. Over the years, we gained abundant of experience and skills on these industries.


We specialize in leveraging technology to revolutionize the insurance sector. Our insurtech solutions enhance operational efficiency, streamline claims management, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


We provide comprehensive software solutions that simplify financial management and streamline complex accounting processes. With our expertise in full stack software development, we support accounting professionals in optimising their workflows and delivering accurate financial insights.

Human resources.

Our involvement in the human resources industry revolves around developing software solutions that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes. We create intuitive platforms that streamline employee management, recruitment, performance evaluation, and training.

Government bodies.

In the realm of government bodies, we offer software solutions tailored to the unique needs and challenges faced by public sector organisations. Our expertise lies in developing secure, scalable, and user-friendly applications that facilitate citizen engagement, improve administrative processes, and enable efficient public service delivery.


Our fintech expertise lies in developing robust and secure software solutions for financial institutions and startups. We enable seamless online banking, payment processing, investment platforms, and regulatory compliance to enhance the global financial ecosystem.

We are open to other industries as well. We love to dive in and learn new things with you. We’re unique that way.

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